Thursday, 21 June 2018

Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward


The sixth book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood is about Phury, the twin brother of my favourite of the Brothers - Zsadist. The thing I love the most about him is his hair which is tricoloured and is simply amazing! I like his eyes as well, yellow eyes just like Z's sometimes when they turn back to normal. It's such a pity Z doesn't have any hair, it would've been the same as Phury's. Phury isn't a bad character but he has his own demons as well.
Overall, Phury is the complete opposite of Zsadist. While Z is the bad and dangerous one, Phury is always the good one, even his appearance is more handsome than his brother's. Their hairs(if Z had one) must be in three colours - blonde, brown and black but the most unique feature to me is their eyes - yellow ones.
About the book... there's something I really don't like and that's the problem of Phury with drugs. He's addicted and it's a shame. I don't understand how such nice and adorable person can have such a weakness. Honestly, I had no idea about his past as it was always about Zsadist and the kidnapping but I never really thought about what might have happened in his family.
I think Phury's biggest problem is blaming himself for what happened to his twin. It was a fifty-fifty chance which twin would be kidnapped and they were babies, it's not like he could've done anything anyway. It's so sad because it wasn't his fault but still he had to witness his parent's sorrow and their deaths feeling even more guilty. So indeed, despite being home and safe, he was as miserable as his enslaved brother. And now, he's the one who needs help and there's only one person who's able to do it.
Cormia is beautiful and kind, I knew she was perfect for him from the very beginning. But the thing with the Primale... well, it was kind of a huge problem here. Not that I expected him to be with all these females. Hells, he was restraining from sex so that should've been horrifying for him - become a Primale with all the duties... But Cormia was standing out from the crowd; she wanted to be the only one to Phury not share him with her sisters.
The Bulgarian cover on the right is so delicate and I really love it. The girl is very beautiful and has very gentle features. The man isn't bad also, somehow corresponding to my visions of Phury. I'm very intrigued by the glowing pendant as well, it's curious.
It can be said I liked Lover Enshrined. The ending was so cute. Phury did not deserve to suffer anymore due to the past and he found the right woman. Bella wasn't the one for him anyway, she was meant to be with Zsadist and heal him but Cormia... oh, she's so perfectly suitable with Phury! They are completely meant to be!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

Ah, mais n'est-ce pas magnifique? Sorry for the French, I know several languages and I simply like using them all. As I said before in my review of Notre-Dame de Paris, Victor Hugo is one of my favourite classic authors. His books are so incredibly written, they're fully developed and thoughtfully complicated. Even I haven't read this book at once. When I first started it I was too young and so not ready for this. I couldn't comprehend it so I stopped and continued reading it sometime later when I knew I can assimilate it. Victor Hugo's books are very hard to understand and I don't think they're suitable for too young people. You need a bit of maturity to fully comprehend his style and literature. Nevertheless, Les Misérables is a masterpiece. There's hardly any book that can be compared to this one.
  I really like that book and I'm so proud of myself for reading such a classic in world literature. At first, it was a bit boring and I couldn't understand who's that bishop called Bienvenue, aka welcomed(that sounds strange in English). I knew he helps the poor but that didn't seem intriguing enough. But with time you'll see there're many stories in the book and Hugo knew what he was doing - you really get a detailed lifetime. With time I got more and more captured and the plot became clearer to me. I understood as well Victor Hugo liked delaying and killing his characters(I hope it isn't a spoiler) a few characteristics I have in common with him. Well, we're both born in February, I think there's a lot more to it.
  Despite the many, many characters in the book, the very main one I think it's Jean Valjean. He's a noble peasant imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread, yeah, the absurdity of past. However, he's nobler than thousands of other people. And everyone who has read this book would see in the end that he's the most miserable person of them all. I liked the relationship father-daughter between Jean Valjean and Cosette, it was so purely described and it melted my heart. À la fin, I was really heartbroken. 
  Les Misérables is so skillfully developed and the story is so wide that you can't understand what exactly is about at the beginning. Well, its more than 1400 pages and trust me, there's a lot to read. That's exactly why I interrupted my reading, I was confused and didn't know what's going on so I decided to stop but I'm so glad I continued later. Hugo is such a craftsman, he tells the stories of so many people and lives... In the end, I understood the meaning of the book. After all, it's called The Miserables(in English) and there's not a single storyline but many, many others telling the stories of so many unfortunate people. In addition, I liked it so much and I fell in love with the book. It's a masterpiece and if you like reading classics you should definitely read that one. It might be difficult and you might not succeed in the first attempt like me but give it a chance; I promise you won't regret it. There're hardly any books with the same value as Les Misérables.

I'd love to share some beautiful quotes from the book.

“He never went out without a book under his arm, and he often came back with two.”
 - Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”
 - Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward


  The fifth book in the BDB series is about Vishous. He isn't one of my favourite Brothers because he likes some extravagant stuff which I really don't like. If you know me, you'd know that I hate 50 shades so... I don't see anything erotic in this s**t. It's a pity he's such a genius and likes things like that. I admit I envy him his intelligence because I like learning and I always want to know more. Computers to him are like the Tamagotchi we the kids of early 00's remember. He's familiar with every technology, science, languages... That's pretty impressive. And to add his ability with his hand to burn things... how can't you like him even more?
  The story of V and Jane is different from the other Brothers maybe because V has his own dark secret. I won't comment on the intimate parts of the book, as I said - not my part. Well, at least it's different from the others, it would've been too one and the same if everyone was like the others. Dr Jane isn't my favourite female character also but in the end, I was so angry about what happened to her. She's a good person and she makes the perfect couple with Vishous. She can understand him and she can see that there's a lot more behind the big brain, like a hear and a soul.
  Well, you might be pretty surprised of V's parents. They're pretty... famous, especially his mother. I liked what she did in the end but I would've hated her as well if I was in his shoes. She left him with his so-called father who abused him and hated him. Having in mind Vishous was his only son (that's such a big thing for narrow-minded people in the past) and it's simply irrational to treat him like that! Usually, males are proud of a firstborn male heir but he... No, I don't get it.
  At least, the ending was sufficient and completely in J.R. Ward's style. Lover Unbound meets the expectations and it's fine. I also like the storyline beyond the love story because I'm so into the vampires' world! This is definitely my favourite vampire series, I don't want to read about any other vampires tbh.
  I think the cover is a nice dark red colour. I wanted to ask you for some time, what do you think about the Bulgarian editions I share with you? Do you like them? And do you think they're better than the originals?

Friday, 8 June 2018

Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward


  The fourth book in the BDB series is about Butch. I liked it a lot actually. That cover... okay, I don't like orange, at all. But wait 'til you see the BG one, it's awesome. The woman from behind is a brilliant idea and it's so beautiful. Oh, and the cover is purple! Yeah, you can say I like purple(*cough* my whole blog design is so purple haha). Only the man looks a bit too humane but... wait, did I mention Butch is a human? So the cover fits all the way.
  As I said, this is another one of my favourite books in the series. Honestly, I liked the storyline with Butch and his development and not that much their love story with Marissa. At some point, I was getting really annoyed at her and I don't know what would I've done to her if she hadn't come to her senses.
  I like that JR Ward thinks that every character should have its own story and a happy ending(well, most of the time). But it'd be very awful if someone doesn't have one and the others are simply continuing with their lives and he/she is miserable.
  Butch became a very important figure in the war with the Lessening Society and I'm happy about it because he was feeling so useless in this vampire world. I haven't mentioned that but I like how the names of the characters are some specific words, like The Destroyer. Or Wrath, or Vishous... 
  Butch is always a funny character; some of the funniest moments in the series are with him. I didn't like that at some point his friendship with Vishous turned out in another direction. I just... I'm not into this kind of things, okay? I'm not insulting anyone but I'm not supposed to like it either.
  I like the ending, it was so intriguing. I wish there was some more. Butch's story... I don't think it's finished, no, there's a lot more to it. Having in mind his origins... oh, yes, I think it's going to be interesting and I really hope Ward has included something more for him in the future. Because Lover Revealed is hardly enough to satisfy my never-ending curiosity and hunger for knowledge.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward


  This is my most favourite book in the entire series! It's about my favourite Brother - Zsadist. He's the bad one, the dangerous one and everything to put off a woman, yet that's why I like him. I like danger and everything that's forbidden because I'm stubborn. He doesn't feel anything because of what happened in his past. Despite that, I was intrigued by him from the very beginning. I can't explain why but if I had to choose one of the brothers I would say Z without a doubt because he's just... perfect for me.
  I like adding the cover of the Bulgarian edition to my reviews so I'll stick to it. And again, the Bulgarian publishers have great designers, no offence to the English ones but they're simply a several times better.
  Due to his past, Zsadist is treating everyone badly and is so closed in himself. Until he meets Bella - a female vampire who's able to save him and... awake him. I liked everything in that book and I was anticipating every moment of it. Just like Bella, I was attracted to his fierce power. He personifies maybe everything I like in a guy, well, except for the hair which he lacks but I can make an exception for him.

  I really like Bella and she's so perfect for Z. She's beautiful and charming but I was fascinated by the fact she was never afraid of the fearsome warrior and even opposed him without trembling. I like strong female characters who are equal to men because there're too many cliches out there and so many ridiculous heroines who drive me crazy.

  The ending was more than perfect! I couldn't wish for a more awesome ending of my favourite book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. If I had to recommend any book in the series it would be definitely Lover Awakened. At least, that was my favourite but I believe that there's plenty of handsome characters to fall for so you have a great choice. Personally, I'm in love with this book!

Monday, 4 June 2018

Book Blogger Hop: 4 June 2018

  Yeah, I like making my own post covers and I find it really hard to make them simple when I can make it as complicated as possible. #Problems Never mind, I decided to introduce another theme to my blog called Book Blogger Hop(I'll include a link at the end of the post). Actually, unlike Top Ten Tuesday or Top 5 Wednesday, you answer a question and you have a deadline of one week to do so. Again, unlike TTT or T5W when you should do it on Tuesday or Wednesday, you can choose whichever day in the week you like in the given period to make this post. I chose to do BBH(Book Blogger Hop) on Monday, I don't know why I simply decided on Monday just because. So, let's begin with this week's question.

      What do you think your blog says about you?

  Well, I think all my websites show that I love designing. I really do my best with each of my designs. I love it being beautiful and... perfect. So yeah, they'll see I did a lot of work on my blog. But I'm sure the first thing everyone to notice would be the purple everywhere. I like purple, it's one of my favourite colours and I think my blog looks awesome(yeah, I'm so modest).
  The content of my blog will also say that I'm very inactive. I'm really persistent in my inconsistency. No matter how much I want to be socially active and so on, life has other plans, unfortunately.
  If you read a review of mine probably you'll notice how honest I am and that's not always a positive trait. I say exactly what I think and trust me, it isn't usually nice. However, you'll notice that when I'm angry and say what's on my mind it's quite funny.
  You know, it's hard to assess yourself. I really hope people like what they see. I really do try to do my best with everything I do, I try being myself no matter what and getting positive results is what makes me enormously happy.

  So, I don't know what else to say. Probably, you should tell me what does my blog say about me? I'd like to know actually, so please leave your answers in the comments!

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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward


  This is not only a story about the beautiful shell, but also about what lies beyond it.
  Lover Eternal is the second book of Black Dagger Brotherhood and is about Rhage, who is so handsome and has the appearance of an actor, and that's why they call him Hollywood. However, in the first book, he was more pleasant because he was funny and humorous, and his disputes with Vishous are like no other! That's why I like him very much, but still, do not overlook his incredible beauty because it's of great importance. But when I saw his real story, I felt a little bit bad. I liked the funny Rhage, and all this with the curse of the monster that comes up when he loses control changes somewhat your view of him and it's obvious that he's what he is because he likes it very much. Apparently a womanizer, a nice self-loving person, but in fact, he also has his own problems which makes you look from another point of view.
  To be honest, the story of Mary and Rhage isn't one of my favourites, maybe it was too sweetish for my taste. He's a symbol of sex appeal and power, and that tenderness was a little bit too much to me, anyway I prefer something rougher and stronger, it's not a coincidence that Zsadist is grabbed my attention from the beginning at Dark Lover.
   Mery, on the other hand, is a human girl who has suffered a lot and her story is so touching due to her illness, which in my opinion, it's very unfair to have. I don't see what has she done to deserve this - she isn't healed and she has to go through everything again.
  In the end, I thought there might be a very sad ending because it was so obviously going to be! The events themselves were awful and I was convinced Scribe Virgin has a lot of authority and power which isn't so good considering how she commands all her warrior to do this and that. As if she's playing a game and no one matters. They're living beings and have feelings and lives as well and she's acting like a b.itch.
   I like the way Rhage jokes and pecks with everyone, I love laughing and funny moments are like a pinch of salt to a dish. Overall, the book is nice but I won't deny, it's not my cup of tea.

  I find it interesting to share the cover edition in my native language so you can see what's like. Personally, I prefer the covers of the translated edition because the publishers make a really good work and are far better than the original(sorry). Honestly, I'm not into that green shade(green isn't my favourite colour) but the girl is beautiful and her eyes are awesome.

  Anyway, the book is perfectly fine. I can say that the series seems to be very promising and I think it's worth it. Maybe one of the best vampire series out there. I like JR Ward's vampires - they're sexy, strong, rough and simply amazing! After all, they're supernatural creatures, they should be extraordinary and badass. And her writing style is great. Really recommend these books for vampire lovers!